Meet Ups

Our weekly meet ups are meant to connect students with other local students, leaders that love them, and with Jesus. Every meet up will be different but with the hopes of challenging students to take steps in living life differently.

Currently kicking off our Summer Olympics

Next Meet Up:

August 21st POOL PARTY @ Oseeo Middle School / Maple Grove / MN

theCHALLENGE Summer Olympics WINNERS: Limo ride pick up @ Cedar Island Elementary at 6pm Wednesday, August 21st before the pool party!


Summer Olympics

We want students to connect and make friends that last a life time. So over the summer, we will be putting the students into teams to compete for the ultimate prize. Your student can share with you what the prize is when they come home. Our hope is that through competing, your student will build relationships with others and the leaders of Unlock Church.


Monthly Events

We do a special event monthly. Our hope is to challenge your student to try new things in life. With each event we provide a unique experience for students to try. We are planning a fishing tournament that will take place very soon.