Welcome to Unlock Church: Small Groups!

We were not designed to do life alone.

Here at UNLOCK CHURCH, we like to say we are "messy people helping messy people."

Through small groups, we believe that we will take steps toward unlocking the greatness God has in each of us.

We are starting a 6 week series of small groups on February 1st. Join us on Thursdays at the Maple Grove Community Center at 7pm to learn more about small groups at Unlock Church starting February 1, 2018. Childcare not provided.


If you are a student or a parent of a teen, we'd love for your son or daughter to join us. If you are interested, email info@unlockchurch.com for details on the location of the church offices. 

Small Groups Help Us:

  • Grow in Christ together
  • Build relationships
    with one another
  • In spiritual development, circles are better than rows